ND329 Richardton, ND

From Performance Development Group
Tower Details
Tower Number   ND329

Latitude   46.868588

Longitude   -102.351777

Address   A tract of land situated in the East 1/2 of Section 12, Township 139 North, Range 93 West of the 5th Principal Meridian, Stark County, North Dakota

City   Near the City of Richardton

State   ND

Zip Code   58652

County   Stark

Tower Type   Guyed

Elevation   2485.99' feet AMSL

Tower Height   200' feet AGL

Tower Load   Lease space available

Heights Occupied   unoccupied

Interior Space   Space available within fenced compound

Access   Keys are required for site access

FAA Number   00-AGL-5980-OE

FCC Number   1220205

Tower Owner   Dakota Leasing for Telecommunications I

Directions   From the junction of I-94 and State Hwy 8 (Exit 84), go South on State Hwy 8 for 0.6 mile to it's intersection with 38th Street SW, turn West (Right) on 38th Street SW and go West for 2.3 miles to a farmstead driveway, turn North (Right) on driveway and go 700 feet to field trail which goes West, turn onto field road & travel West, North, East and Southeast to tower site

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