MT270 Lodge Grass, MT

From Performance Development Group
Tower Details
Tower Number   MT270

Latitude   45.277612

Longitude   -107.351506

Address   30997 S Forty Mile Road

City   Lodge Grass

State   MT

Zip Code   59050

County   Big Horn

Tower Type   Guyed

Elevation   3592.01' feet AMSL

Tower Height   330' feet AGL

Tower Load   Lease space available

Heights Occupied   197', 200', 300', 330'

Interior Space   Space available within fenced compound

Access   Keys are required for site access

FAA Number   01-ANM-3030-OE

FCC Number   1231567

Tower Owner   PDG/NCI

Directions   From I-90 at Lodge Grass take Exit 530; Exit to the East; travel approximately 1.4 miles South by Southeast on County Road 97 to 40 Mile Colony (Huterite community) sign on the west side of the road ; turn south on gravel road and continue for approximately 1.8 miles south and west to a T in the road; turn left to enter the community complex. Stop at the first building you come to (kitchen building) and tell them who you are and what you are going to do on their property. Contact person is Stan Walter. After doing this, turn right at the kitchen building and proceed down a small hill toward the barns; At first fence/gate take the two track trail that continues southeasterly through the barnyard and then approximately .4 miles southerly across country to the site on the top of the hill.

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